At Ace Badminton Club, we believe that anyone has the ability to learn and play badminton. No matter what age or what skill level, we will take the time and effort to nurture and develop your skills and mentality.



Adolescence is the most critical period for physical growth and development, thus through scientific research, training has been adapted to have a positive impact on all round development of the youth’s body. This leads to the prevention of sports injuries and improves their physical adaptability to environmental changes.

Badminton training is used to develop the children’s positive state of mind. Ace Badminton Club aims to promote and popularize badminton and believe that the attitude of the individual is the premise of all learning. The club aims to nurture a child’s passion for learning and dedication. As well as developing team spirit with a positive attitude, the courage to challenge themselves, strong and fair competition, sincere co-operation and mutual learning.


Ace Badminton understands that everyone has different levels of fitness and different fitness goals. The club aims to provide the most suitable badminton training by tailoring training sessions to each individual, making training sessions as effective as possible. Club coaches will continue to monitor a student’s progress and adjust their training schedules accordingly which will help in the prevention of sports injuries and also maximize any physical improvements.



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